Consign with Tressa’s Consignment

If you’d like to consign your furnishings with Tressa’s Consign and Design, simply fill out the form below with your contact information, a description of your items and their location, photos of items* and we’ll review and contact regarding their sale at Tressa’s.

Consignment Terms

  • Minimum 90 Day Consignment Period.
  • TCD pays the consignor 50% of the item’s sale price. TCD’s Commission for handling the sale is the remaining 50%
  • At 30 Days the price of the item will drop 15% of the sale price
  • At 60 Days the price will drop an additional 15% off the first discounted price
  • At 90 days the consignment period expires
  • Any item remaining in the store after the expiration date which has not sold may be removed by the consignor, or will become property of TCD
  • Items may be removed prior to 90 days at a fee of 25% of the original sale price
  • Tressa’s Design and Consign is not responsible for any damaged goods
  • Consignment settlement checks that are lost can be replaced for a $25.00 fee

Location of Items

Additional Photos

Please allow for all photos to upload before leaving page.